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We all know preparing for college can seem overwhelming, but EYG has solutions to help you along the way. The services below are done-for-you and can make the process of thinking, searching, and applying for colleges more attainable.

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See Below for Description of EYG Services:

Do you find it challenging to start your essay to submit with your college application? The EYG team works with students with the following

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Work on essay strategy depending on college/university choice
  • In-depth editing to ensure you submit your best document. 

Elevate Your Greatness can work with the student to build a successful scholarship list that can put them in a good position to obtain funds for the school.

*The 5-hour package will include a budget template to help students gain financial wellness in school.

The College Prep 101 is a five-month package. We work together on college applications, financial strategies, scholarships, essays, and a robust plan to jump start the student’s new chapter in the collegiate environment. There will be discussions with the student and parents as appropriate throughout the process:

• Course selection discussion and guidance
• Advice on standardized testing
• Summer program guidance and support when requested
• Assistance in preparation of an activities resume
• Identification of a balanced list of colleges and universities with consideration given to institutional selectivity, each student’s academic record, extracurricular interests, and any financial parameters
• Suggested strategies for organizing and managing the process
• Advice on campus visits and showing interest in each college and university
• Advice on early decision/early action plans
• Advice/coaching on interview preparation
• Assistance with essays
• Advice on seeking recommendations when asked
• Review of applications before submitting if requested
• Discussions regarding financial aid and merit/institutional aid
• Scholarship application support as needed
• Guidance and support until a final decision has been made

There are three types of additional support:

  • Goal Setting + Time Management

  • Middle School Counseling

  • College Budget Planning


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Step 1: Schedule a Free Consultation
In this free 15 minute session, we will work together to learn more about your needs, goals, and outcomes. At the same time, you will have an opportunity to
learn my work style to accomplish your goals.
Step 2: Visualize and Plan Your Academic Goals
After booking, we will discuss all your educational goals and steps to accomplish them. We will build a framework where both of us are organized and accountable in completing the work.
Step 3: Let's Work Together
During the process, we will have our weekly sessions to go over agendas and task lists.
Step 4: Goals Accomplished
This will be the last week of your program. We will complete the checklist that we designed at the beginning to ensure we complete all steps necessary to have good outcomes with your educational plan.

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