Patricia Timmons was a first-generation student who did not have mentors, tools, and resources to successfully navigate the college world. She was scared of the process but persevered as her dreams were too big to slow her down. Even though her perseverance was intact, she did not have the guidance to reduce college debt or develop skills to help her deal with college finances properly. She knew signing college loans would be the only way to stay on campus and pursue her academic goals. At the end of her sophomore year, Patricia made a turn with her college finances. She ran into her English Literature professor, who gave her advice about scholarships, grants, loans, and handed her first scholarship application. From that conversation, Patricia became empowered and started to conquer the world of college finances. She researched countless scholarships and grants through her undergraduate and graduate years. After succeeding in this journey by capturing over 32 scholarships in her academic career, Patricia made it a mission to help students and families pursue their academic goals by supplying resources, coaching, and facilitating workshops on the college process, including scholarships and grants.