Elevation College Prep Academy

Group Work with Peers to Achieve Results in the College Process

Research suggests some students perform better working in a communal learning environment than individually.

Given that, I launched the Elevation College Prep Academy to help students to start and end the college process as a team.

Each quarter, I will enroll 12 students in the academy where they will get materials and coaching until you have completed their portfolio.

In this program, the student will receive:

Let’s get a clear understanding of what you need.

These lessons will help students prepare their goals for college.

We must do the work to elevate!

Connect with others and learn how to elevate your greatness.

Most college applications and scholarships ask for essays. We will make sure your essay stands out.

These check-ins will make sure you stay the course.

Let’s make sure your applications, essays, resumes, etc. are top notch before sending to your specified colleges.

All of this to elevate your greatness in the Elevation College Prep Academy!

Step 1: Enroll in the course and get your assessment.


Step 2: Welcome Call with Cohort.


Step 3: Let's Work Together!